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• New cd, "wanderlust", in production
• Collaboration with Michael Allison progress

Welcome to TerraAmbient.com...

After a long hiatus and a pocket option download for pc lot of dealing with the general issues and activities that make up the process we call "life", I have finally gotten to a place where I was able to update my site, and get to work on a new album. Check back here, as you will be able to  get updates on news, events, and the general goings-on of Terra Ambient. Thanks for stopping bye. I hope that you enjoy your visit!

Current News

New cd, "wanderlust", in production

After the success of the 2004 release "The Gate", Terra Ambient returns in 2006 with a new CD entitled Wanderlust. "The goal of this CD is to evolve some of the themes of "The Gate", but to push some electronics back into my sonic palette," says Kowal. "For the recording of "The Gate", I limited myself to using only acoustic, recorded pocket option download instruments and self-made acoustic samples. I was pleased with the textural qualities that resulted from working that way. So for Wanderlust I am continuing to explore some acoustic instrumentation, but I am also reintroducing electronics back into my bag of tools. Specifically, I am introducing electric and slide guitar, fretless bass, and synthesis, including a new modular system from Roger Arrick at synthesizers.com"

Kowal goes on to talk about some of the evolving themes in his music and the motives behind the making of Wanderlust. "I am still fascinated by the idea of exploring unfamiliar terrain both metaphorically and personally. Thematically, I love the idea of stepping through an ancient, covered doorway, or finding an unmarked path in the woods, and discovering some place forgotten by time. I think I covered a lot of ground with this idea on "The Gate", and I continue to carry some of those ideas over to Wanderlust. I think, however, that this CD is more about personal exploration for me. Every time I make a CD, I try to cover some musical territory that I have never tried before. I think that I am making some headway in that regard with Wanderlust. I am combining certain musical styles that I don't know I would have had the courage to delve into, say, 4 years ago. Also, I am soloing certain instruments and letting performances stand on their own technical merit, rather than "hiding" things in delays and reverbs... that's kind of scary, but it's also invigorating and offers up some creative opportunities that I never would have achieved previously."

Not only is Kowal exploring his own skill as a musician, he is introducing the talents of other musicians into this CD as well, a first for him. "One of the things I am learning as I go is to acknowledge my own limitations. One the previous 2 CDs, I did everything. And although I do prefer to work that way for the sake of the challenge pocket option app for pc and the learning, I am also realizing I am going to get a much better final product if I introduce the skills and textures of other musicians into the fold. So you can expect to see some guest appearances on this body of work."

Expect a release date on Wanderlust later this summer.

New collaboration with Michael Allison in the works

Michael Allison, also known as Darshan Ambient, and Jeff Kowal have worked together previously on several independent tracks, both of which appear on two of Michael's latest releases, "Autumn's Apple" and "re:Karma". However the time has finally come where the two musicians will come together to make a full CD of music as a complete collaboration. Calling there joint venture "Little Endian", Kowal and Allison plan to make a CD that covers some new territory for both. "The body of music, as it is coming together at the moment, will be a fusion of pop, alternative, ambient and dub," says Kowal. "Mike's background in creating pop and rock back in the 80's is really challenging me to think differently about this bodu of work. Both of us know ambient, but now were trying to muck around in some other genres and see what shakes loose. It's a lot of fun for me and I know for Michael, as well. One thing is for sure... what we're coming up with is NOT what people are going to expect from either of us, and that's really exciting."

Both Kowal and Allison are currently working on other projects, so no immediate date is set for the release of this material. "We aren't rushing it," says Kowal. "Mike is learning some new software to make our workflow a little easier and I am knee deep in a new solo project. But both of us are looking forward to sitting down and making this happen, so it will happen in the near future."

Look for more info on this release soon.

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